Discovery Cove – Our Private Cabana

As you know from previous posts, a private cabana was something we splurged on during our Discovery Cove trip.  This is not something we normally do but our daughter convinced the entire family to chip in so it wasn’t a huge addition to our overall cost.

After breakfast, we went to guest services as directed.  A very nice man escorted us through the park, giving us a more detailed description of different areas, directions around the park and stopping to pick up our safety vests along the way.  As we arrived to our Reef Side Cabana, he pointed out all our features and let us know that our Cabana Host would be stopping by shortly.

We wandered down to our reef side Private-Like beach.  We were smiling and feeling super special when we saw our name on the Reserved sign (such a little thing to bring such a huge smile).

I did not take pictures of the inside, I am not sure why.  There was a huge locker with a key, a second storage area under the mini-fridge, sun screen, towels, fresh flowers, laminated sheet showing all of the fish in the reef, a table and seating for six  with 2 reclining chairs (Note: one cabana are for up to 10 people).  Our cabana was on the reef and it was like the five cabanas shared a private beach.

“private beach” Reef Side

Todd, our host, stopped by and introduced himself and asked what we would like stocked in the fridge.  Todd was amazing – we could always tell he had been there when we stopped by because the ground was swept, dirty towels disappeared, clean towels magically appeared and everything looked great.

After we ordered our pictures from the Dolphin Swim, we were told not to worry about picking them up because Todd would deliver them directly to us – another huge smiling moment.

The very best part about having a private cabana – when everyone had to exit the water due to lightening (in Florida this is a common occurrence), we just let down the flaps so we wouldn’t get wet and hung out in the cabana with our beverages and snacks and relaxed (napped).  I am not sure what the other people did — perhaps they had a 3rd lunch or went to the gift shop or took a shower and went home — I was busy smiling and feeling special.

As soon as the lightening had passed, the Discovery Cove people appeared on our private-like beach to feed the rays.  I was on the telephone with my mom when I realized what they were doing – glad she didn’t get her feelings hurt when I hung up so quickly!  This was the only time during the day that there were people on our private-like beach.

At the end of the day (we were there until almost the very end), we gathered up our belonging, said good-bye and thank you to Todd and smiled all the way to the hotel.

The only thing missing was a clock to help us make it to the Dolphin Swim and Sea Venture Experience on time.

As we look back at our Discovery Cove day, we all say that we are so glad we purchased a package with the private cabana!


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